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Industrial Experience

Gordon has over twenty-five years' experience of research, business and intellectual capital management within industry, which includes:
  • Creation of and leadership of a European Intellectual Assets Management Service within a large multinational company,
  • Co-development of a Global Intellectual Assets Management Service within a large multinational company,
  • Business and R&D Team Leadership of European Businesses within a multinational chemical company ,
  • Evaluation of the Patent and Technology Portfolio of an Eastern European acquisition partner and insertion of the intangible assets into an operating global organisation,
  • Advising corporate decision makers on leveraging business intellectual assets,
  • Actively out-licensing technology including software,
  • Evaluation of technology value for business scenario planning,
  • Management of trans-national research activities and research teams,
  • Management of international consortium research programmes under European Commission funding, and
  • Delivery of accredited training at management level in Situational Self- Leadership (Blanchard Training & Development Product).

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Contact Information
Dr. Gordon McConnachie
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