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Consulting experience

While retaining hands-on experience through live project work, Gordon has moved also into the direction of activities at national and international level through his Founding Chairmanship of the National Intellectual Assets Centre in Scotland and his co-creation and co-ordination of the global Association of IC Practitioners which is currently being formed.
  • Advised the Scottish public sector on the intellectual asset management process that is used in the Intermediate Technology Institutes created in 2002 to stimulate conversion of fundamental research into business successes
  • Advised a multinational food products company on the positioning of its patent and technology portfolio, and the management of its intellectual assets.
  • Advised a multinational company in the content protection field on market opportunities available from new technology and patents
  • Advised a start up high technology company on portfolio options and opportunities for creating a new approach to energy generation
  • Advised the innovation division of an established company in the heavy industrial sector on the development of technology from concept to commercialisation, and designed a stage gate process to select successful opportunities
  • Advised the business development division of a Pharma company on the role of technology and patents in the projected sale of a division
  • Advised a large company in the telecommunications sector on the relative competitive position of a portfolio of patents available for license or sale
  • Conducted a study on behalf of a large agriculture company on the benefits of a cross industry benchmark to capture best practice in licensing of technology
  • Advised a medical products company on the role of patents in the valuation of the company for IPO
  • Advised a shared services company on the opportunities to be derived from business methods patents
  • Co-designed a procedure to capture the mission critical intellectual assets of a multinational company in the industrial gases sector during a European Commission regulated take-over.
  • Assessed a project for efficient intellectual capital sharing in the financial services sector on behalf of the European Commission

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