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Conference Presentations

A list of the more significant public conference presentations, workshops and seminars is given below.
  1. Chair of discussion session on Technology Transfer comprising 5 of the leading world experts from EEN, AUTM and private bodies at ITTC 2012 in Beijing, China in March 2012.
  2. Gave a one day seminar to Guangdong IP Office, China on "The Role of IP in INNOVATION in the Knowledge Age". December 2011
  3. Workshop on the Role of IP in Design at the Hong Kong Design Exhibition December 2010.
  4. “What is Intellectual Capital Management and Why? Knowledge Economies and Intellectual Capital Centers around the World,“ Fourth Symposium on China – ASEAN Entrepreneurs Exchange, Beijing, China, 8-9 December 2008.
  5. One Day IC Module in IP Management Diploma Course, Hong Kong Productivity Council, Hong Kong SAR, China, 28 June 2008 and 8 December 2007.
  6. “The Value of IC for Public Sector Organisations”, Thailand Institute for Scientific and Technical Research Conference, Bangkok, 7 November 2007.
  7. “Key Role for Public Libraries in Thailand: Supporting Opportunities from the Knowledge Based Economy”, Thailand Creative and Design Centre, Bangkok, July 2007.
  8. “The Intellectual Capital of Scotland”, The World Conference on Intellectual Capital for Communities in the Knowledge Economy, The World Bank and University of Paris 11, Paris, 24-25 May 2007.
  9. “The Role of Perception and Culture: Strategic Value from Intellectual Capital” a presentation, and “IC Centres across the Globe” a facilitated focus group at the IC Congress of InHolland University IC Research Faculty in Haarlem, The Netherlands 3 – 4 May 2007.
  10. “Unleashing Economic Potential in the Knowledge Based Economy: The Knowledge Based Economy, Creating Intellectual Capital, Making Tacit Knowledge Explicit”, Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, 8 April 2007 and Human Relations PhD Programme, Ramkhamhaeng University, 18 Mar 2007..
  11. “Extracting Value from Knowledge Assets”, Hong Kong Chinese University, 3 February 2007.
  12. “How much Value have you Created from your Intangible Assets?”, in event “Meet the World at De Baak”, hosted by De Baak Management Centre VNO-NCW, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 12 January 2007.
  13. “Intangible Assets: The Missing Link between Intellectual Property and Creating Value”, National Yunlin University of Taiwan, Republic of China, 23 November 2006.
  14. “Effective Intellectual Asset Management: The Human Aspect of Extracting Key Knowledge from your Workforce” a presentation, and “Establishing Intellectual Capital (IC) Centres and Gatherings in Hong Kong and Mainland China: The Challenges” a moderated session at the Intellectual Asset Management Seminar 2006, Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department, Hong Kong, 21 and 22 November 2007.
  15. “Effective Integration of IAM Strategy into Global Business Plan including Valuation of IP”, The Creative Entrepreneurship Summit 2006, IP First China and IP Academy Singapore, Beijing, 27 October 2006.
  16. Breakfast Roundtable Chair “Leveraging Intellectual Assets as a Sustainable Competitive Advantage”, Panel Discussion Chair “Best Practices in IP Management Strategy and Commercialization: Benchmarking against the best” and Panel Discussion Participant “Does Asia Value its Intellectual Property?” at Global Forum IP, organized by the IP Academy, Singapore 21 – 22 August 2006.
  17. “Creating and Extracting Value in the Modern Economy”, a series of 3 day seminars provided to CEOs of Syrian Industry through The Syrian Enterprise Business Centre, Damascus, Syria together with Dr Marien v d Boom, IC Research Centre, InHolland University, 9th -19th July 2006.
  18. “Intellectual Asset Management as a Core Corporate Value and Business Capability”, Two Day Workshop delivered jointly with Audrey Yap of YuSarn Audrey and Partners for the IP Academy, Singapore, 13 – 14 June 2006.
  19. “Intellectual Capital and Intellectual Asset Management. Global Vectors and the Role of Countries. IC Centres: Key to Success in The Knowledge Economy.” Presentation as part of a larger suite of presentations with Leif Edvinsson, Alan Lung, Waltraut Ritter and Pat Sullivan to The Patent Office of China, The Academy of Macroeconomic Research of China, The National Development and Research Council of China and The National School of Administration of China, Beijing, China 9 – 12 May 2006.
  20. ”Managing your Intangible Assets for Value: A Strategic Business Process”, Master Class given at The Centre for Enterprise Management, University of Dundee, Scotland, 22nd March 2006.
  21. “The IA Centre: The Birth of a Pioneering Organisation”, presentation made to Commissioner Tien and Staff of the State Intellectual Property Office of the Peoples Republic of China at The IA Centre in Glasgow, 27th February 2006.
  22. “Small and Medium Sized Companies: IP Management and Licensing as a Business Strategy”, part of workshop held by UNECE, Kiev, Ukraine, 22nd November 2005 and “Protection of IP in the Knowledge Based Economy: ICT Industries”, part of workshop held by UNECE, Kiev, Ukraine, 21st November 2005.
  23. “Knowledge Economy Performance Coaching: A Business Coach Facilitated Series of Workshops for Small and Medium Enterprises in Scotland”, Bridge of Allan, Scotland, 1st November 2005.
  24. “Combining Intellectual Capital with Complementary Business Assets to Create Value”, Keynote Presentation to the Global Companies Network of Scottish Enterprise, Edinburgh, Scotland, 26th October 2005.
  25. “Intellectual Asset Management as a Core Corporate Value and Business Capability”, Two Day Seminar given together with Ms. Audrey Yap of Yu Sarn Audrey and Partners to an audience assembled by The Singapore IP Academy, Singapore, 17th October 2005.
  26. “Intangible Assets: The Missing Link between Intellectual Property and Creating Value”, presentation to an audience assembled by The Academy of Management Consultants, The Association of International Accountants, The Hong Kong Information Technology Federation, The Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society, The Hong Kong Productivity Council and The Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department, Hong Kong, 12th October 2005.

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