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Conversion of Tacit Knowledge into Structural Capital

Only the know-how which is written down is permanently available to your organisation: the tacit knowledge contained in the minds of your employees or partners is only available to you as long as these people are on your team and as long as they are motivated to share it with you. Have you asked yourself:

How much of the critical knowledge necessary for my activity is captured as structural capital and is available in a way that it can be used by someone new to the job?

How much at risk is my organisation because there is a lot of tacit knowledge that is vital for my operation which could be unavailable tomorrow for a variety of reasons?

How much is my organisation under-performing because of a lack of organised structural capital?

If these questions cause you to think and be concerned, get in touch with us. The ways in which we can assist you include the following list but there are many other tailor made solutions available from the tools in our tool kit.

1. Analysing with you the key know-how required in your operation.

2. Co-creating an inventory of tacit knowledge and structural capital.

3. Risk analysis based on business goals and inventory from (2).

4. Co-creating an approach to capture vital tacit knowledge as structural capital and making it available in systems which permit others to use it.

5. Aligning the tacit knowledge and structural capital in your organisation as feed for the value creation, extraction and use which ultimately gives sustainable growth to companies and to society.

6. Coaching, mentoring or consulting on all aspects of securing structural capital for future performance.

7. Specific tailor made lectures, seminars or workshops for a specific audience.

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