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Structural Capital Management and Intellectual Capital Management

The management of your structural capital, tacit knowledge and people in a holistic manner is THE most significant competitive advantage you can have in the journey to sustainability in business or in society today.

There is no “magic” that will give you best performance in one exposure to its spell, rather there is the logical path of following and learning from those who have gone before, applying the lessons that are relevant to your organisation and accepting the responsibility of putting in the sheer hard work required for success.

Management has a special role to play in making sure that the workforce is committed to an ICM approach through leading by example. Too often in the past the workforce may have seen a management fad come and go: they no longer believe. Only through sustained behaviour living the ICM approach can management bring the message home to the workforce that ICM is no fad but a neccessary element to survival and sustainability.

ICM is a new and unique skill and for this reason we do not propose a list of approaches which could be taken in order to truly optimise how you raise awareness with your staff, diagnose your current position and move forward to join the elite who truly manage this powerful resource well. Rather we invite you to have a dialogue with us and, if we both see value, we invite you to co-create with us a work plan which is the jointly owned document setting out what can be undertaken, at what investment, with which predictable outcome.

ICM is a new and unique concept. Those of us who have been priviliged to be involved in the first wave have realised its power: this is a humbling experience which teaches us the power of working in a team tackling the opportunities while in a professional manner eliminating issues of personal profiling or personal importance. ICM is the ultimate team game. Today we have reached the larger second wave, and you see all over the world people getting involved in exploring the frontiers of “the final and most powerful source of competitive advantage” which is ICM.

I invite you to join us on that journey.

I invite you to contact us to discuss any way in which we can be of assistance in moving your organisation forward for the benefit of your employees, your stakeholders and society.

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