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The Team

The Team is a global network of colleagues who respect one another both personally and professionally. This Team represents a wealth of hands on experience in various disciplines, geographies and industries. We function as a network, bringing the appropriate combined skills to bear on your particular issue or opportunity. Our established thought leadership in innovation and intellectual capital management is backed by our personal continuing learning. Our working language is English: we can also read and understand Arabic, Cantonese, Dutch, Flemish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin and Spanish.

Our Vision is to help companies and organisations participate more effectively in the knowledge based economy.

Our Mission is to build relationships and develop innovative solutions which help dynamic people and organisations create and realise value. Our aim is to provide deep experience in innovation and intellectual capital management. Our experience allows us to deliver outstanding professional services based on real hands-on experience and knowledge of best practices.

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Dr Gordon McConnachie

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Dr. Gordon McConnachie
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