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Dr. Gordon McConnachie

Dr. Gordon McConnachie lives in Thailand and provides advice to clients in any country. As well as being an independent advisor, he is the co-ordinator and co-founder of a global network of IC Practitioners and the Founding Chairman of the IA Centre Scotland. He was formerly European Director of Intellectual Asset Management with PricewaterhouseCoopers, and, in particular, developed and implemented the product offering, and identified opportunities to help companies and organisations use ICM to achieve an increase in shareholder value. Gordon has 26 years of experience in Innovation, Industrial Research Management, Business Management and Intellectual Asset Management and has B.Sc. (First Class Honours) in Chemistry and Ph.D. degrees awarded by the University of Aberdeen (UK). He is a former Fellow of the Royal Chemical Society and a former Member of the Licensing Executives Society. He led the development of the Dow Chemical Intellectual Asset Management Process in Europe and was a core member of the global team, which developed the global ICM Process currently in use by Dow. He has advised the European Commission and the United Nations on aspects of Innovation, Intellectual Asset and Capital Management, and is currently recognised as an expert by these bodies in this field. The Scottish IA Centre, formally Scottish Intellectual Asset Management Limited, is believed to be the first publicly funded company to be set up with the remit to assist companies large and small identify, manage and leverage their structural capital for value growth. It has now been incorporated as a full operating unit of Scottish Enterprise, the national economic development agency.

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