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Areopa is a leading global network knowledge enterprise in the fields of knowledge management, change management and intellectual capital calculation (ICC). ICC is a proprietary methodology for calculating the value of intellectual capital and intangible assets in a form analogous to the balance sheet commonly used for tangible fixed assets.

United Kingdom


IntangAbility works with organizations to help them understand the value of a wide variety of intangibles and how these link to strategic direction and organizational performance. Clients include UK and European businesses and UK and other European Union government departments and agencies.

The IntangAbility Strategic Workout(TM) is a full day event that can be conducted on or off-site with either individuals or teams as a full interactive workshop. A shorter seminar event is also available, as is an introductory presentation.

MJI Business Solutions

MJI Business Solutions is one of Scotland’s most successful consulting companies. We specialise in developing business relationships between public, private and third sector organisations. At the heart of MJI’s philosophy is a belief that collaborative working is the core of effective performance. MJI has specialisms in marketing and strategy development and intellectual asset management in both private and public sector.

The IA Centre, Scotland

In one Centre IAC brings together a range of expertise to help organisations realise their potential through managing their intellectual assets (structural capital). IAC is fully funded by the Scottish Government with additional project funding from The European Commission. I declare an interest as a former Chairman and Board Member of the IAC.

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