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I am a self-employed coach, mentor and advisor and I work on a global geographic basis alone or as part of a larger network of experts (see further) whom I shall refer to simply as The Team: we are people who respect one anothers skills and trust one another completely.

Together we provide a full service in innovation management consulting, tangible and intangible asset management and technology commercialisation advising clients on how to systematically create, extract and relese value from intangible assets (e.g. knowledge, know-how, innovation, structural capital, and intellectual property) and in assisting companies in creating, managing, using and transacting these assets.

At a personal level, I am a UK national, born in Scotland, living near Bangkok in Thailand. I advise on all topics that comprise an ICM approach as described in the Value Proposition section of this website. My particular hands-on expertise is in (i) counselling, coaching and training on the optimal management and deployment of knowledge workers, (ii) diagnosing ICM type needs in organisations, (iii) building ICM type approaches in organisations in partnership with the organisation, (iv) innovation management, (v) value creation, extraction and release, (vi) futurising via IC Statement and Roadmap, (vii) leading a public sector organisation designed to bring these approaches to SMEs in Scotland and (viii) currently co-creating a global network of IC practitioners.

At the Team level the skill and experience is considerable as you can see from the Team section of this Profile web segment. The Team is constantly growing and is open for selected new affiliates or members.

As hinted at in (vii) above, I am Founding Board Chairman of The National Intellectual Asset Centre of Scotland, now an operating unit of Scottish Enterprise chartered to inform, advise and influence industry in Scotland on the opportunities and risks inherent in intangibles, with the objective that Corporate Scotland becomes increasingly more aware and capable of managing risk and opportunity, and in capitalising on structural capital. This centre, founded in 2003, is believed to be the first of its kind in Europe, perhaps in the world. www.ia-centre.org.uk   

I am Chief Technology Officer and a Director of the Asia Pacific IC Centre based in Hong Kong SAR, China. The role of APICC is to raise awareness and provide support to companies, academia, government and all organizations in Hong Kong SAR as they seek to participate in and take maximum benefit from the knowledge economy, and to network them into the expertise currently being generated in the IC Centres around the world and in Mainland China.

This web site is designed to provide you some insight into intangibles (tacit knowledge, structural capital, intellectual property and intellectual capital), and how these can be recognised, managed and used to create value through an approach which is termed Intellectual Capital Management. It is also a shop window for the services I provide: you will find an outline of these services on this site and the referenced sites of individuals and companies with whom I co-operate. The content of each individual website is the sole responsibility of that website owner. A complete personal curriculum vitae is also provided.

My approach to intellectual capital management is that any activity must support the vision and strategy of the business or organisation. The roles played by the intellectual property (protected rights), the structural capital (codified information with a potential to create value) and human capital (people skills) must be balanced and complementary.

My approach to business is to discuss needs and potential solutions with you and, where appropriate, to propose a work plan which can be jointly revised to create a job proposal or specification. I am happy to travel to and work in any country.

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